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“From the bottom of my heart, thank you Home-Start. I do not know where I would be without you. One day I hope I can be one of your amazing volunteers, to help families, like my volunteer helped me.”

A Home-Start family

Volunteer Stories

My Journey with Home-Start…Rebecca, a Home-Start Birmingham volunteer

“I first heard about Home-Start in 2010 when I was looking to do some voluntary work. At the time I didn’t feel I was ready to commit to full time employment, as I felt I needed to build my confidence and skills, in a role that could fit around my life as a young mum expecting my second child.

I had some original doubts whether I had the skills needed to be a Home-Start volunteer and how volunteering would fit into my family commitments, but I took the step and filled out the application.

Shortly after, I met with Home-Start and my previous concerns were put at rest. I realised that my life experience as a young mum was considered valuable and the commitment of 3 hours a week was perfect, something for me, whilst still having the time for my growing family….

Before I knew it, it was time to begin the volunteer training and I found myself nervously entering a room full of other trainee volunteers, there were lots of activities to put us all at ease and we were soon sharing experiences and learning more about what our role with Home-Start entailed.

My Home-Start family was amazing, I found myself learning so much from the mother’s experience all she had achieved, and her on going struggles.

Working with her, and her two wonderful boys allowed me to see the highs and lows of real day to day lives, something beyond what is taught in the classroom. I was there to provide support and friendship to the family but it is overwhelming how much this family taught me.

As a volunteer I was given the opportunity to enter families lives, experiencing situations that made me challenged my previous assumptions, but in doing so allowed me to grow on a personal level and as a practitioner…

I started my journey with Home-Start not knowing what to expect or even whether it would be for me, but five years on and I am confident that my experience has not only helped someone else but also inspired me to learn more about the lives of children and families.”

“Working with Home-Start was my platform to my thinking and understanding of the lives of real people with real struggles. Looking back continually reminds me of why I want to work with children and families.”

My Journey with Home-Start…Jaz, a Home-Start Birmingham volunteer

“My youngest child had just joined nursery and I was at a little bit of a loss of what to do with myself. I had been a ‘stay at home’ mum for 10 years raising my four children, and I didn’t know what was out there.

One morning I was walking past my local Home-Start and I decided to go in to find out more about what they did. And that was the start. Before long, I was training to become a home-visiting volunteer with me.

My confidence began to grow, and I knew I had the right skills to help another parent who was struggling to cope; and that skill, was being a parent.

I was able to use my years of experience in of being a mum to help other local mums who just needed a friend to support them through the tough journey of parenting.

Volunteering with Home-Start taught me about my own strengths and gave me the confidence to go back to college to study.

I am now a Pastoral Manager and use my experiences that I gained at Home- Start in my every day work.”

“Home-Start taught me that everybody struggles sometimes but with a helping hand they can go on to be happy and achieve their dreams.”

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